What is Laser Lipo?

Low level laser has been used in general practice around the world for healing and pain relief, as it's been extensively researched over decades. The laboratory research has demonstrated that varying powers and wavelengths of laser light have different effects on the cells of the body. With Laser Lipo inch-loss the adipose cells, commonly known as fat cells, react to particular wavelengths of the red laser light delivered at a particular energy density. Laser Lipo delivers non-invasive laser lipolysis, which is a completely safe technique that involves triggering a natural metabolic process.

How it works?

When the laser paddles are placed on the skin, the cold red laser beams penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat. The application of this laser light results in the cell producing a lipase enzyme which helps break down the triglyceride cell contents into glycerol and fatty acids. It also makes the cell walls more permeable allowing the fatty acids to pass through them more easily. These fatty acids are then transported via the lymphatic system and become readily available as fuel for the body.

It therefore triggers the natural process of releasing these contents from the fat cells as if the body was calling upon them for its energy. Without their triglyceride content, the fat cells take up less space resulting in the inch-loss effect.

In practical terms the effect is immediate and although a course is recommended for best results, measurable inch-loss is generally achieved directly after the first treatment.

Why is exercise recommended & essential for Laser Lipo treatments?

Any body sculpting method which empties or destroys the fat cells without physically removing the released contents through surgical means, relies upon the lymphatic system to transport these away to be metabolised. Exercise encourages the swift working of the lymphatic system and secondly it uses up some or all of the energy which becomes available from the metabolised fat.

We recommend cardio-vascular exercise adjusted to your own fitness level, to be completed within 12 hours of having a Laser Lipo treatment.