Treat & Prevent Ageing Hands

A huge chunk of cosmetic products are targeted toward making our faces look younger... trying to stamp out dark spots, fine lines and collagen loss, but what about our hands? You need to protect the skin on your hands as you would the skin on your face.

One of our main recommendations for keeping your hands young looking and reducing the effect of sun damage is a course of IPL Laser treatments. The hand sun damage repair teatment helps you maintain younger and fresher hands instantly. The safe, visible light makes your hands look smoother by removing sun damage and by improving your skin texture as well as reducing uneven pigmentation.

How does the treatment work? The operator guides the light from the flash-lamp to the treatment area. The treatment system contains a dual mode filtering system that ensures that the light that is directed to your skin contains only clinically relevant wavelength.

The treatment works by targeting the melanin (pigment in the skin) and the haemoglobin (redness in the skin). As the light is absorbed its converted into heat, which breaks down and destroys these cells, they then disappear almost immediately.
The course of treatments aims to reduce sun damage, uneven pigmentation, open pores, age spots and redness.

Once you are happy with desired results following a course of IPL Laser treatments, the main focus is to maintain those great results by looking after your hands. Here's our top tips:

As always the first tip is to nourish your skin from within by having a healthy & balanced diet, making sure that you are getting all the right nutrients & fatty acids from within. Also make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking the recommended intake of daily water.

Another key factor is to protect your hands with sunscreen. This should be part of your daily skincare routine as our hands our constantly exposed to the sun.

Keeping your hands moisturised with the right hand cream is another key factor. At The Beauty Clinic we have two fantastic options from two professional brands, Gatineau and Mary Cohr.

1.  Gatineau Vitamina Hand Cream - A conditioning hand care treatment that nourishes, protects and preserves the youthfulness of the hands. Its main ingredients are Vitamin E to protect skin against free radicals which cause accelerated ageing, and Collagen to promote skin's suppleness

2.  Mary Cohr Youth & Beauty Hand Cream - This cream is highly regenerative and provides active protection, as well as helping pigmentation spots fade away. Your hands will be smoother, lighter and look younger with daily usage. The main component Cell Life Concentrate is composed of ingredients which are indispensable to the existence of cells, acting in a unique way on growth, multiplication and longevity of cells.