The Power of Cleansing

The Christmas season may be over for another year but the cumulative effects of late party nights, alcoholic tipples and all-round festive stresses can take their toll on our poor complexions.

Post party skin needs help on three fronts and that is fatigue, sensitivity and breakouts. We all know that a change in diet and more rest is the key to healthier skin however simple but effective cleansing routine will transform your skin in seconds. The key hero products will not only cleanse your skin but also they will hydrate, restore barrier function, brighten the skin and help minimise further breakouts. 

Great ingredients such as Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs), antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid will stimulate all the actions above. And where would you  find them? At The Beauty Clinic Fulham we can help you with selection of three advanced skincare ranges which offer a wide range of cleansing products whether you like cleansing milk, cleansing oil, wash off cream, wash off gel, 3 in 1 micellar water or gel changing into oil action, we can help with them all. 

No1 tip: Alway apply your cleanser with your fingertips, use circular motion to work the product in and wash off with water. 

No2 tip: Do not skip the use of Toning Lotion. A small amount applied to dry cotton wool onto dry skin will lift off any remaining cleanser and debris residue.

No3 tip: Application of Eye Cream, face serum and face cream will refresh, rehydrate and plump up your skin so it can focus on repairing any daily skin damage.

No4 tip: Do not underestimate serums and eye creams. Both have smaller molecules than face creams meaning that the active ingredients can travel deeper and create longer lasting results.

Is your skin just that bit further from a quick fix? Let us choose the right face treatment to instantly support your better cleansing routine and enjoy younger looking skin straightaway.

P.S. and my last tip No5: Please drink plenty of water. Lucie xx