Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is one of the fastest growing beauty treatments in the UK, which continues to grow every year. SPMU imitates perfectly applied makeup with very natural looking results. This effect is achieved by placing hypo-allergenic colour pigment into the dermal layer of your skin using a state of the art machine designed specifically for the cosmetic market (very different from the machines & inks used by conventional tattoo clinics).

Anyone who is looking for perfectly balanced & shaped eyebrows (maybe from over-plucking or if you have experience thinning), can benefit from SPMU. It is also the perfect way to transform thin or uneven lips, including lips that have lost shape & fullness with age. The treatments will give you fuller lips instantly and help to restore a youthful definition to a fading lip. Defined eyes make a huge difference to your whole face, but creating the perfect look on a daily basis can be difficult, not to mention time consuming. The eyeliner treatments available are perfect for making eyes look bigger, as well as lashes appearing thicker  & darker.

SPMU procedures gradually fade over 1 - 5 years, so we do recommend a 'colour boost' treatment within 12 - 18 months after the initial application in order to maintain a fresh appearance.

The procedure is not painful, but depending on the individual client you may experience some discomfort. Using the newest & most advanced equipment ensures that discomfort is minimal for every treatment.

Price list

  • Semi Permanent Eyebrows
    - natural looking hair strokes £400

    Semi Permanent Eyeliner
    - top & bottom eyeliner £430
    - top only £280
    - bottom only £280
    - eyelash enhancement £320

    Semi Permanent Lips
    - lip liner £380
    - lip blush £450
    - full lip £495

    Annual Colour Boost
    - eyebrows, eyeliner top & bottom, eyelash enhancement, lip liner, lip blush £200
    - single eyeliners £120

    If client feels they need a colour boost treatment before the initial 12 - 18 months period, prices start from £110