Our Top 10 Products from 2016

1) Soothing Cleansing Milk

Perfectly removes make-up and cleanses skin, leaving it feeling soft and comfortable.

2) Radiance Gentle Scrub

Radiance Gentle Scrub eliminates dead cells, thanks to its dual mechanical and enzymatic action. It contains Pomegranate seeds for gentle and natural exfoliation.

3) Soothing Toning Lotion

Eliminates all impurities and traces of make-up. Tones and refreshes. Alcohol-free formula. 

4) New Youth Eye Contour

Ideal for looking after the thin skin around the contours of the eyes and in the crows' feet area, Nouvelle Jeunesse helps to regenerate elasticity and smoothes out the signs of ageing. Day after day the eyes look younger and you look radiant.

5) Easy Exfoliating Body Scrub

Easy to apply and easy to rinse, Easy Exfoliating Body Scrub cleanses skin in a single step. After exfoliation, skin is smooth and luminous; the subsequently applied active ingredients optimally penetrate the skin, boosting their effectiveness.

6) Enriched New Youth

In addition to its double effectiveness at cell and tissue level, this "rich" cell care restores skin's comfort and suppleness by means of its essential fatty acids (omega 6). Right from the first week of use the skin gets firmer and more luminous and wrinkles progressively fade away.

7) Nourishing Firming Cream

Specially designed for dry skins, Crème Nutrition Lift reactivates the skin's vital functions thanks to its 'Dermostimulines' Complex and also firms the epidermis. Its rich texture restores softness and comfort.

8) New Youth Serum

Takes years off your face! This serum diffuses its Rejuvenating active ingredients in the skin, boosting the vital functions of cells and firming the epidermis. The face is smoother and the skin more supple.

9) New Youth Mask

In 10 minutes, the face brightens up with new life and new radiance!
As it is rich in Cellular Life Concentrate and Hyaluronic Acid, New Youth Mask revives cell activity and refreshes the face.

10) New Youth Cream

Nouvelle Jeunesse cream boosts the vital functions of cells and offsets the effects of hormone deficiencies, making skin visibly younger-looking, firmer and radiant with health. Day after day, wrinkles fade, the skin regains tone and the face gets younger and younger looking.

We are glad you're enjoying our Mary Cohr products. All these products and more are available in the salon.