How To Beat Adult Acne

We always thought acne was a high school thing, you almost expect it as the so called ‘horror’ years, but you come out the other side pimple free! We couldn’t wait to become adults because they don’t get acne, right? WRONG. When we break out as adults we try to rationalise why and where the problem came from. Was it the big night I had? Was it the chocolate bar? Is it the new cleanser I am using?

From the occasional pimple to multiple breakouts, unfortunately adults get them too… It usually occurs in women over 30. Many may never have had a pimple in their lives but suddenly find themselves in the grip of an aggressive acne breakout particularly on their neck and lower face.

Why do we get them? Many different factors can contribute but these are the main three that we have come across:

1. Dietary and hygiene factors can contribute, so maintaining a healthy diet as much as possible is vital.
2. Some acne is caused by a genetic predisposition where dead skin cells build up inside the pores. These dead cells act like plugs, so instead of oil travelling from the oil gland, up the pore and out onto the surface to moisturise your skin, the oil gets blocked.
3. Acne can also be driven by sex hormones, called androgens. Our female hormones are to blame... But we want our hormones (and natural reproductive system) in full gear to support reproduction, so we can’t be too hard on them.

We do have good news though - your blemish problems can be solved, because here at The Beauty Clinic Fulham we understand that clear skin plays a huge part in our own self-confidence. So if there is anyway we can help you with that – we are on it! Alternatively, we do encourage seeing your local GP if it is really bothering you for an expert’s opinion.

1) Try and mix up your dietary intake...
Sometimes the problem is more easily resolved than you think! Are you drinking enough water during the day? Are you getting enough nutrition in the food you are eating? Step back and take a look at your diet and try altering a few things for 3-4 weeks and see if that makes a difference.

2) What about facials?
We aren’t talking about any of the extravagant & luxurious facial you may have heard of. We are talking about a really good, deep exfoliation facial like our most popular option - Mary Cohr Catiovital.  Sometimes you aren’t removing your make-up off properly at night or your cleanser isn’t going deep enough so a professional ‘clean’ once a month (or fortnightly if the bank account allows) could make all the difference.

3) Have you tried any of the skincare ranges we have on offer?

Switching up your skincare routine to using professional products, can make a huge difference to your skin in general. We have some fantastic ranges on offer to help with acne or even just oil control, including the fantastic HydroPeptide Clarifying range. Please pop in to speak to one of our trained therapists to help you decide on which skincare products will suit your skin best.

4) If all else fails...
Get a referral from your doctor to go see a Dermatologist. Internal drugs, such as the contraceptive pill and antibiotics, are usually prescribed for acne.

We hope this helps. Some of us here have children going through acne, some of us are going through it or have been. Cameron Diaz has even spoken out about her troubles with adult acne - don’t let a breakout break you!

Lots of love and confidence,
The Beauty Clinic Fulham x x x