Meet & Greet Our Therapist Kelly

You have probably seen Kelly around the salon or no doubt heard her infectious laugh! She is a bright, bubbly member of our team and is always beaming with enthusiasm and positive energy.

We sat down and did a quick power Q&A with Kelly so our clients could learn a little bit more about her.

 The reason we love Kelly is that she has a natural passion about the beauty industry and continuously wants to build her expertise as a beauty therapist.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself...
I have recently completed my intensive course at ITEC (Level three Beauty Therapy), which was a really great experience and now I love putting my training into practice. I grew up in South East London and now live in Dulwich. I’ve been at The Beauty Clinic for over three months now and love it! I have already met some great clients and the team here is great and very welcoming.
2) Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
Definitely tea for me.

3) What is your favorite treatment you like to give?
Massage is my most loved treatment, any kind of massage really. I also really like the Peel and Lift facial for instant results on clients.
4) What is your favorite treatment you like to receive?
Again the Peel and Lift treatment is also something I personally like to receive.

5) What attracted you to The Beauty Clinic Fulham?
It was an easy choice for me, because TBCFulham have extremely high standards so it was a very intensive interview process. In the end it was a great achievement to be accepted! Lucie and the team are very processional. They offer a huge variety of treatments and services, which is great for me as a therapist, since I am keeping up to practice on everything I have been taught. Lucie is very big on training also, which is fantastic as I am continuously learning more about the services and products we use.
6) What days that you are working (so if we have any clients who want to book with you in particular)?
I am currently working Friday to Sunday.
7) What was the last movie you saw in the cinema?
 “Inside Out” with my son, Luke.