Meet & Greet Lucie - Owner of The Beauty Clinic Fulham

Lucie has been the owner of The Beauty Clinic Fulham over 11 years ago. She wanted to create a ‘one stop shop’ salon in South West London that provided an extensive range of beauty treatments, with a wide variety of professional products and dedicated services. Lucie wanted to create a place of relaxation, a place where people could go to unwind during the hustle and bustle of London, whilst receiving the best possible treatments using professional products.

Find out more about Lucie, founder of The Beauty Clinic below;

How long have you been in the beauty industry for?

I have been in the industry for 21 years. I live and breathe it. I love to find out about the latest technology and treatments available. All our treatments and products have been carefully selected and researched and we continually strive to offer you the most up to date, innovative and proven techniques.

Favourite treatment you like to give/receive?

I love to receive facials and massages, even though I don’t get them often enough!

I love to give facials and detailed treatments such as electrolysis and IPL skin rejuvenation. I also love to do eyebrow shaping. I have seen so many women pluck their eyebrows silly in the 90’s, so I make it my mission to make them fuller and thicker!

What are the 3 makeup products you can't live without?

I like to keep my makeup simple & natural, so I opt for a light base such as a tinted moisturiser & concealer. I also love using mascara to brighten my eyes and blush to add a hint of colour to face.

What is the best part about your job?

I love making a difference for people & seeing instant results. It’s what I teach the beauty therapists from day one. It’s about choosing the correct treatment for the individual client to receive the results they are after. There are so many salons that promise results ‘after 8 sessions’. I try to ensure everyone walks out seeing immediate results, even if it’s progress and there are still treatments to go – I want them to see progress along the way.

What is your at home skin routine?

I’ve had the same routine for a while now and swear by it: Mary Cohr Soothing Cleanser (morning and night), Gatineau Eye Make-up Remover to remove mascara after a long days work, Hydropeptide Eye Authority Cream and Mary Cohr Enriched New Youth Face Cream (both morning and night) and finally  Mary Cohr Gentle Radiance Scrub (as my exfoliation routine twice a week).

What is the one treatment you swear by and have seen the most significant results from?

If you want instant results, something that rejuvenates and freshens your look you have to try the Mary Cohr Catiovital Facial. I really do swear by it.