Mary Cohr

Face and body aromatherapy from Mary Cohr uses the exceptional beneficial properties of Essential Oils, used to treat mankind for thousands of years.

Lavender activates the skin’s stress-relieving and decongesting functions; Sage activates the skin’s regenerating functions; and Rosemary - tones and invigorates the skin.

Mary Cohr was introduced from France into the UK 25 years ago by Dr Jean Daniel J Mondin, Doctor of Pharmacology. These highly technological formulas were developed to promote skin healing and regeneration and they are without parabens, GMO and chemical filters.

And now introducing Mary Cohr's innovative sun care range for face and body.

We all know that the sun can be terrible for your skin if you are poorly protected. But without the presence of chemical - filters in these sunscreens, harmful rays are reflected from the skin like a mirror.

Drop by today to experience them for yourself.