7 Tips on how to do your makeup to look good in photographs!

Tips on how to do your makeup to look good in photographs.

This happens to us all the time, you are getting ready for a night out (dinner with the husband, friends or an in-laws get together) and you look in the mirror and think your make-up (and overall appearance) is looking pretty darn good. You feel happy, confident and ready for the evening ahead. Then, someone pulls out his or her iPhone to get a photo and to your horror (in your own opinion) you look absolutely awful! Why? Why does this always happen?

The main reason is that a camera makes all our little imperfections more visible. The flash can highlight our impurities (lines, dark circles, spots) and unless you have a photographer friend who knows good lighting and positioning, photos can often be our worst nightmare.

But, don’t worry; here at The Beauty Clinic we have all had this problem (you are not alone!). However, we have found a solution! Below are our make up tips that can help make you look good in photos.

Try them out and you will be surprised – we definitely were.

1) Don’t wear too much make up This is where most people usually go wrong. They think the more you put on the more you can hide… Make up can fall into fine lines making them more visible or become shiny on the face acting as a reflector to the camera flash. Use less foundation and more powder based bronzers and blush.

2) Start with primer One that is easily missed. A primer creates an even surface before applying your make up. It also minimizes the appearance of pores allowing for your skin to look smoother and fresher in photos.

3) Don’t forget your neck! Lighting can be our best friend or worst nightmare. There is nothing worse then having a semi-decent photograph taken but realising the light has picked up on your face to make your face look white and neck brown! Make sure your face matches the colour of your neck (and vice versa).

4) Highlight your eyebrows Firstly, eyebrows in general are really important. You need the right shape, colour and thickness to frame your face. We offer ‘Lucie's Brow Perfection’ which is a 3 step brow perfection treatment to give you the shape, comfort and confidence you have always wanted, instantly enhancing your eyes & facial features. Once you have your eyebrows sorted, add some illuminator under your eyebrow line. This gives a lifting affect.

To find out more about Lucie's Brow Perfection click here.

5) Don’t use too much mascara Otherwise it will darken your natural eye colour in photos. Try false lashes or if you don’t have the confidence to put them on or are worried one might fall off mid dinner (it can happen!) try our eyelash extensions. They are lush, natural (or glam depending on our desired look) and we can offer a full set or just the top lashes. Extensions open up your eyes and you then don’t have to worry about mascara at all!  To find out more about our Express La La Eyelash Extensions click here.

6) Take some powder out with you After all the small talk and meet and greets you can get a little oil build up which can make you look shiny in photographs. The one thing you should always carry in your clutch is powder. Powder your T-section when possible (and ideally before a photograph is taken!)

7) SMILE Last but not least – SMILE! A natural smile is what makes anyone look beautiful. No more half smiles not showing teeth or duck face pouts. Try naturally smiling in your next photo and you will be surprised!

See you all in the salon soon,

The Beauty Clinic Fulham xx