Let Your Body do the Talking - Smooth Operator

Dull and Dehydrated skin is not confined to what's above the neck line! It's far too easy for us to think were 'to busy' to bother with a body moisturiser, because at the end of the day... who will notice anyway?

adding in a daily body moisturiser to your routine is a very simple step to keep skin smoother and hydrated and yes, you can see and feel a difference. Maintaining hydrated skin will keep every inch of our bodies looking more youthful, more nourished and with the right product (Multi-Cellulite Contouring Cream) can even tackle cellulite!

Mary Cohr's Intense Skin Softening Milk this nourishing, restorative body milk has a silky, creamy texture that instantly softens, sooths and relaxes the skin making it resilient to the symptoms of dryness for a longer lasting feelin of complete comfort.

Key Ingredients -

Aloe Vera moisturises and  forms a film over the skin's surface to prevent water loss.

Hydrosmose complex provides long-term moisture replenishment t0 the different skin layers.

Essential Oils regenerates and softens skin.

Using a daily body moisturiser will improve your skin massively and we don't know why more people aren't doing it!