Leg Vein Removal with Nd:YAG Laser Treatment

As we age, valves in our leg veins become less efficient, therefore less blood is pumped back from the legs. This means blood vessels in our legs become larger, darker and much more visible. These kind of smaller vessels can be treated by laser, such as the Ellipse Nd:YAG laser, which we are now using in our salon. Treatment for this depends on the size of your leg vessels & also on your medical history. Your doctor should be able to advise if your vessels are too large or unsuitable for this kind of treatment.

Ellipse Leg Vein treatment uses a precisely calculated pulse of laser energy that is directed to the vessel being treated. This will cause the blood inside the vessel to heat up; which in turn causes the wall of the vessel to collapse. This vessel is then reabsorbed naturally by your white blood cells and the skin surrounding the treated area will not be effected.

Does the treatment hurt?

Ellipse Leg Vein treatment uses the latest in cooling techniques (Soft Cool), which minimizes any discomfort and also protects the surrounding skin. Most people find that the treatment of smaller vessels is practically pain free, whilst larger vessels are only mildly uncomfortable.

What are the special precautions before and after treatment?

Avoid sun exposure four weeks prior to your treatment and four weeks after your treatment, making sure to use sun protection of minimum SPF30 where sun exposure can't be avoided. You should also avoid smoking at least four hours prior to your appointment (smoking causes the vessels to constrict, so there is less of the target available to treat).

Normally patients experience a little redness and/or swelling (lasting up to 2 days). Smaller vessels can disappear immediately, whilst larger ones fade away more gradually over the next few weeks.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on the number of vessels that need to be treated. A single treatment is typical for most individuals, but larger vessels may need a second treatment. See the video of our treatment ..

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