Winter is here and so is your skin sensitivity, dehydration and unwanted blackheads

Now that the winter season is well and truly here, it’s worth reflecting on the influence the colder weather can have on your skin condition. The sharp environment outside, aligned with central heating inside, tends to more readily strip our skin of moisture, resulting in dryness, flakiness,  sensitivity and dull appearances.  Given these issues, its important to look at how to improve your routine at home along with our range of treatments tailored for this time of year.

There are few simple steps that I recommend below;

Double Cleanse

Choose Cleansing Milk instead of any wash off alternatives. Cleansing Milks from our skincare brands will soften your skin through their oil content allowing your skin to better hydrant from the conditioner or even better serum to follow. The oil also makes it a better cleanser to lift off any impurities and believe me, cleansing milks work beautifully with all skin types, oily or none, you won’t feel clogged up with oil afterwards.  Even better, if your time allows, cleanse twice, ie straight after your first cleanse, not just twice a day.


Since the cold air lacks moisture, it will strip all vital lipids from your skin giving you that dull unhealthy paler complexion we all try to avoid. So increasing the usage of an exfoliant to 2-3 times per week will instantly improve the penetration of your moisturiser and your skin will be able to absorb all the required vital ingredients. Remember to use a gentle circular movements in order not to irritate your skin.


My favourite product of all. If you are not used to using serums, make the winter time an exception. Serum is like a tonic of life for your skin. It will penetrate deeper than any other products can due its molecular composition. It will draw its powerful ingredients through your skin to feed, correct and improve the basal skin layers.  Remember to use twice a day under a good moisturiser.

Keep Hydrated

Swap your normal moisturiser for a richer version. It is simple as that. Please do not think just because you are used your cream and it works for you that it will work at its best during the winter. I recommend a richer formulation to encourage moisture retention.

The most Forgotten Product

Those who know me, know about my constant reminders to apply SPF at ALL times, even now in winter. It is vital to think of your skin in winter months too, especially if you are fond of skiing holidays. I am very often asked whether layering of products is bad for you. Please trust me, it is NOT. Each product serves its purpose and layering enables the product to satisfy the skin’s needs. We all need moisture, hydration boosts and tailored ingredients to fight free radical damage to keep the skin fresh and youthful.

And now onto the fun part where we love to show you what our treatments could do for you. We offer over 20 different facials at The Beauty Clinic Fulham ( with more arriving early in the new year), and I am confident we can help with any skin concern you may have. 

All you need to do is book a consultation with any of our four therapists and we will do the hard work for you. You will walk away with the knowledge of what to look for and what plan of action to take, whether it is the change within your routine or a plan of individually picked treatments to look forward to. So come and relax with us.

Lucie and her team x