Healthy Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

  1. July is known worldwide as ice cream month and what better way to cool yourself down then with some delicious rich ice cream. However if you’re trying to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle & stay away from dairy all together, avoiding this tasty summer treat isn’t as easy as it sounds. Which is why we’ve hunted down the best vegan ice cream recipes, that can be made without a cow in sight...… that’s right you can churn a delicious batch without a single drop of dairy.

    We’ve researched & put together a list of recipes that won’t make you miss dairy for even a second. There are lots of different ingredients to experiment with such as coconut, avocado, soy/almond milk & even frozen bananas. 

    The main key points to remember when creating your very own vegan ice cream are:

    - Fat is what helps you get the right creamy texture, hence why coconut milk or avocado are perfect ingredients for that. Even if you think you may not like the flavours, give it a try anyway as they have a very subtle hint of natural flavour which can be mixed combined with something you do like.
    - Make sure any sweetener added is in liquid form, to avoid crystals forming.
    - Make sure to chill all ingredients before combining, as it prevents everything from melting too much and causing a grainy texture.

    Now that you’ve taken note of these few simple steps and you’ve got your favourite flavours/ingredients prepared… you're ready to make your own healthy, vegan ice cream.

    No Churn Chocolate Ice Cream - Minimalist Baker
    5 ingredient no churn vegan chocolate ice cream that has all the creaminess, flavour and richness of the real thing! Naturally sweetened, vegan and gluten free. Check the full recipe here

    Fig, Coconut & Blackberry Ice Cream - Green Kitchen Stories
    This is somewhat of an ice cream for grown ups... The flavours are pretty fruity and complex, not at all like a standard sugar and cream recipe. Read all about the full recipe & details here!

    Vegan Avocado & Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream with Pistachios - Divine Healthy Food
    This soft serve ice cream is creamy, sweet and delicious, this is what the human body needs, without refined sugar. Read the full recipe here...

*sources & photos not our own (links provided for each recipe)