Face masks can be used on all skin types and are often the perfect treatment to help you with your skin concerns. The right face mask can help rehydrate skin, remover excess oils or even smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. For optimal results, apply your mask to a freshly exfoliated face. This will encourage the mask to target and treat areas of concer more effectively. You only need to allow 10 minutes for the ingredients in the mask to have benefited the skin. Remove the mask with warm water and follow with a toner to prepare the skin for subsequently applied products.

How much do you need to use? Walnut amount

But remember, you can patchwork your favourite face masks to suit your bespoke skin type. E.g. for those with an oily T-zone and dehydrated cheeks could target these concerns by applying the Purifying MatiMask and the Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturisation Mask direct to the specific areas.

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