Lash Lift VS Lash Perm

If you are looking for a low maintenance, cost effective, time saving alternative to eyelash extensions, Let us introduce you to the lash lift/perm. 

These procedures add a curl to otherwise straight lashes, giving you the appearance of fuller more glamorous lashes front on. These treatments are great for those with relatively straight lashes, with no need to use tricky lash curlers every day. Add a lash tint and you don't even need to worry about mascara! 

At this point you may be bit confused whether to choose a lash lift or a  lash perm.  Essentially they are exactly the same treatment. Both set out to achieve the same results, and the products, processing time and cost are identical.

The only difference between these two treatments is the rods used to curl the lashes. Perm rods are cylindrical in shape, and add a definite curl to the lash, creating a C shaped lash. Lash lift rods are a little different in shape,  flat on one side and curved on the other, which helps to 'lift' the lash from the base of the eyelid, and adds a more subtle curl. 

But don't worry we will help you choose.