Body Pampering at Home

Looking after your body at home shouldn't be complicated or confusing, which is why we have broken down a pampering body care routine with 5 simple steps. Using professional products from Mary Cohr ensures that your skin is left feeling super luxurious.

1. Cleanse the skin - using a comforting body shower gel such as the Mary Cohr Exquisite Shower Oil. Full of ingredients such as Camelina Oil, Omega 3 & 6... the shower gel protects the skin from the drying effects of hard water, as well as restoring comfort and softness to tight-feeling skin. With its
luxurious texture and delectable feminine floral-vanilla fragrance, this shower oil will leave your body and senses restored and soothed.

2. Exfoliate the body - get rid of flaky skin and remove dead skin cells by using the Mary Cohr Easy Exfoliating Body Scrub. Full of ingredients such as Bamboo Grains to smooth rough areas, Loofah Fibres to gently exfoliate dead cells and Lotus Extract to soften skin overall. Its fluid texture allows for ultra-simple application and exfoliation, with skin feeling smooth and luminous afterwards.

3. Hydrate - use a rich body moisturiser such as the Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Body Cream, which provides an ultimate feeling of comfort that last all day. This latest body cream protects the skin from external factors by deeply nourishing areas which have suffered from dehydration. Hydrosmose Body Care provides an intense moisture bath thanks to its exceptional Hydrosmose Complex, replenishing the skin leaving it soft and supple with restored comfort.

4. Nourish - take your body routine one step further by adding a luxurious body & hair oil such as the Mary Cohr Exquisite Oil. Apply to the body and gently smooth into skin, paying particular attention to the driest areas... the main ingredient Camelina Oil with essentials oils to help protect and nourish skin, as well as inhibit cutaneous dehydration. It is also ideal for restoring shine and suppleness to hair.

5. Refresh the skin - as the last step in your body care routine, using an invigorating body water with beneficial essential oils such as the Mary Cohr Invigorating Body Water. The lightweight texture of this body water delivers an immediate sensation of freshness and well-being, whilst delivering a boost of hydration thanks to the Red Current Extract. Essential Oils of Rose, Blackcurrant leave the skin silky smooth with a delicate, feminine fragrance. Spray over the entire body throughout the day, freshening up whenever needed.

If you maintain a good body care routine using professional products, we can guarantee your skin will feel super soft & pampered overall...