Blinc eye makeup balances beauty, performance and innovation. Whether you have sensitive eyes or an active lifestyle, blinc promises smudgeproof, run proof, and flake proof cosmetics that deliver Life Proof results.

If you want length and volume that will make your eyes look wider and more awake, tube mascara from Blinc might be a better option. The revolutionary formula adheres to your lashes and creates tiny acrylic tubes that build on your natural hair. The result? Long, luxurious eyelashes that won't threaten to glue your eyes shut.

With only a few sweeps of the tube mascara, you can get the look that false lashes can provide, without having to fiddle with glue and drying time. Plus, with lash primer applied beforehand, your lashes will be conditioned, so you won't have to worry about brittleness or breakage, which often occurs upon the removal of false lashes and lash extensions.