Beauty Routine Changes For Spring

We've got our top tips to help you adapt to the new season ahead...

Ditch the foundation:
Foundations can look a bit heavy in the warmer months, when the sun is out. Now is a great time to invest in a tinted moisturiser & we've got the perfect product from Mary Cohr... The NEW Ingenious Cream contains encapsulated colour pigments that adapt when applied to the skin complexion, giving a radiant & smooth finish. It's also moisturizing and even has the added benefit of SPF15 to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Use primers:
These are a must. They help makeup adhere to your skin longer, and many of them also blur any imperfections. We love Mary Cohr Glam Pearl beauty fluid, which glides over the skin effortlessly whilst adding the most natural touch of shimmer, making skin look like it's glowing from within.

Exfoliate regularly:
The key to glowing, gorgeous skin is exfoliating. You don't want old skin building up on your face. It can make it look dull, dry and flaky. Don't go crazy though—you only need to do it about two to three times a week. One of our faves is the ever so popular Mary Cohr Radiance Gentle Scrub, which does a fantastic job of keeping our skin looking fresh & radiant.

Mix your colours:
To add a pop of colour into your makeup routine, use a coloured eyeliner on your lower lash line. It's a beautiful and subtle way to wear trendy shades, especially for someone that is afraid of colour. Specialised eye makeup brand Blinc, offer a great selection of pencil & liquid liners in an array of colours... the best news we stock the full range here at The Beauty Clinic Fulham.

Hydrated lips:
For super moisturised lips, we can't get enough of Mary Cohr's Lip Comfort balm, which instantly restores comfort to the lips, leaving them beautiful, soft and protected all day long.

Switch up your skincare:
Re-evaluate your skincare routine. Skin reacts to weather changes so you have to change your routine to accommodate that. From Gatineau to Mary Cohr to Hydropeptide, we will definitely have the right products to suit your skin needs. Not only that but our trained therapists will be able to give you a skin consultation along with the best possible advice on products or treatments available.

With the arrival of spring and your skin changing, we highly recommend to prepare for the season ahead with Mary Cohr's Peel & Lift Facial treatment. Designed to effectively remove dead skin cells, revealing fresher, softer & more radiant skin! All facial from the Mary Cohr range use the exceptional properties of essential oils, combined with natural plant extracts, to make the skincare products completely natural, GMO-free and free from animal testing.

Peel & Lift Facial - visibly glowing skin from the first treatment!

This in-depth renewal treatment with glycolic acid, brightens a dull complexion, lifts and rejuvenates the features whilst eliminating pigmentation and fading age spots.

The active ingredients of the fruit acids and gycolic acid make this an exceptional skin reviving treat. Dead cells on the surface of the skin are removed to reveal younger looking skin, and a more radiant complexion. The skin is left re-oxygented, soothed, nourished, lifted and exceptionally smooth.

Key Treatment Points

1. "Peeling" effect - using AHAs to remove dead cells that cause the complexion to appear dull, and impurities that prevent skin from breathing. New cells emerge, restoring youthful radiance to the face.
2. Regeneration - this newly rejuvenated skin is nourished with revitalising active ingredients, increasing its youthful and firm appearance.

3. "Lifting" effect - using a powerful stabilised vitamin C mask to add a youthful glow, boost the skin's firmness, stimulate collagen production and diminish dark spots.