BeauBronz Spray Tanning for a Natural Sun Kissed Glow

Spray tanning is one of the most efficient ways to get the bronzed glow you want, without the harmful effects of UV sun exposure. As we are all aware, skin that is overexposed to the sun or UV is far more prone to sunburn, skin conditions, premature ageing and most ominously, skin cancer. While the sun is vital in providing us vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy, overexposure can be dangerous and even life threatening.

BeauBronz seeks to provide natural spray tanning solutions that contain luxurious, paraben free and certified organic ingredients. The brand's tanning products are the finest, since they are free from harsh chemicals, drying alcohol, not to mention odourless and can be customised to meet the needs of the client. 

Having trained some of London’s most prestigious spray tanners and by boasting a client base of VIP’s and celebrities from all over the world, Abi O  (the founder) has been the pioneer of airbrush tanning since 2001 and now shares her tanning tips, tricks and secrets with you.

BeauBronz Spray Tanning consists of 4 simple steps:
1. BeauBronz Exfoliate to prepare the skin
2. BeauBronz Bronz Original - referred to as “base colour”
3. BeauBronz Quick Tan Fix with Dramatic drops - referred to as “contouring colour”
4. BeauBronz Hydrating Tan Lock to ensure tan remains even & streak-free

Of course, in order for you to get the best results there are a few things that you need do first. Obviously, you want to get the best results possible and that requires a certain amount of skin preparation in order to ensure that the tanning product has an opportunity to adhere to your skin equally from head to toe. 

- Therefore, you should shave or wax a couple of days before you plan on going to the salon. Otherwise you are likely to wind up with dark patches, because the act of shaving or waxing opens up the skin's pores and then the product will get stuck in there.

- Even though we offer a pre-exfoliation application with BeauBronz, we still recommend  to exfoliate your skin at home with a non-oil-based body scrub a day before your appointment.

- It's better if you have nail polish on before your tan, even if it is just a clear coat. Your nails and toenails will be wiped down at the end of your spray tan too, as it prevents your nails from staining. 

- You cannot have any lotion, makeup, sunscreen or oil on your skin at the time of your appointment - even if it has been applied earlier in the day. 

- Even though we offer a tan lock at the end of your BeauBronz spray tan, we still recommend you pack loose-fitting clothes to wear home from your appointment (no wiggling into leggings, tights, skinny jeans, or any formfitting clothes).

- Once you're home and the eight hours are up, shower with lukewarm to cool water, never hot. Wait until the water runs clear, then pat dry and moisturise the skin extremely well... The more hydrated your skin is, the longer the tan will last.

- If you are still worried, concerned or curious about anything else when it comes to spray tanning and your appointment, please don't hesitate to ask our highly trained therapists. We are here to help you.